Sonoma Valley Academy

Children are far more able than their school grades might show.

For 30+ years, the Sonoma Valley Academy mission has been to make education personal™ for each student. We seek to remedy a student’s lack of confidence, comprehension, and ability. Sometimes a young person just needs a change of environment, individualized teacher attention, and live communication to excel.

Thus, as a small, nonprofit, private school, Sonoma Valley Academy addresses the individual. We give each student the opportunity for a fresh educational start.

Our goal is to return education to something a child wants to do instead of something he or she has to do. Each student is unique. Each child has his or her own interests and ambitions, goals and purposes, abilities and strengths. At SVA, the teachers work to find these inborn treasures and align each student’s individualized educational program accordingly. We do not teach to a class norm but directly to the individual. In this manner, our teachers make education personal and desirable.

“The best part about SVA is that I care about learning here… The teachers that I work with are all very kind and willing to help.” — H. B.
“Words cannot thank you enough for what you have done… for my son. He’s alive, happy and willing to go to school now. Thanks for granting him value and respect.” — L. C.

About Us

Sonoma Valley Academy (SVA) was founded as an alternative, private school and educational facility. In 1986, we opened our doors in Marin County to elementary school students. We evolved into a Middle School and a High School in 1995 when we re-located to Sonoma Valley in Sonoma County, California, to accommodate students from the North Bay who were requesting our services.

We are registered in the State of California as a non-profit, co-educational organization. We are acknowledged as a 501(c)3 organization with the Internal Revenue Service and with the State.

Sonoma Valley Academy admits students of any religion, creed, race, national or ethnic origin.

Transfer Students

Transfer students come to SVA for many different reasons. Some enroll because they were getting lost in large classes and felt they couldn’t get the help and support they needed. Others transfer because of peer pressure, bullying, or other unpleasant social scenes. Some gifted students come to SVA because they were being held back by slower students or classes they didn’t like. Some transfer because they are simply anxious to get on with the rest of their lives; they have goals. These students come to SVA to accelerate their studies.

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