Student practicing in preparation for a class performance.

I like this school! At my old school, I felt I was just a number and was lost in the shuffle of too many kids. I hated being talked “at” with lectures. Here I am supervised through my own classes individually and am able to go at my own pace. I actually get help when I need it! I can’t go on with bad grades. I have to understand what I’m studying before advancing. I especially like going off campus for lunches. We get some freedom here because we are trusted. In my book that’s a bonus.

Jason L, age 15

Words cannot thank you enough for what you have done and are doing for my son. He’s more alive, happy, and willing to go to school now. Thanks for granting him value and respect.

Lori C, Sonoma

I wanted to write and thank you for letting me do community service at SVA. I thought that the kids wouldn’t let me help them but they did. From the SVA teachers, I learned organization, patience, caring, and how to keep effective and positive control of others. I feel honored to be allowed to work in SVA classes.

Sarah A, age 17

SVA Students get to demolish a structure
on a real construction site!
We met and became best friends at SVA!

I like to go to school here at SVA because there is more individual help. At my old school, each teacher would have a total of 180 students per day and could not help every student with their questions or problems. I was always behind in that kind of a system. I was getting nowhere fast and was miserable too.

Here there are teachers that are willing to devote their time to helping the students. My classes are self-paced; that seems logical because not every student can keep up with the next guy. Everyone is an individual. Some students need more time; some don’t and can go as fast as they want! The learning principles I have learned are helping me become a faster learner – something I thought I was completely incapable of doing!.

Katie M, age 16

While at SVA we had a difficult situation arise with our son making bad choices. Through the whole incident, I felt completely supported as a person by the school’s principal. I think how a school shows up for you during a tough time as a parent really says a lot about a school. I am forever grateful for the kind support and direction SVA has given our son and to us as parents. Thank you..

Helen G, Sonoma

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