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Over the years parents and students have taken their valuable time to relay their written thoughts about their personal experiences at Sonoma Valley Academy. Each of the following letters offers a unique perspective on what the author valued while attending SVA as a student or what the parent appreciated about our school.

We wanted to contact you now that our son is in college. If it weren’t for SVA, he wouldn’t be in college at all! As you may recall when he came to you for middle school, he hated to read and had no friends. Within a few short years, you turned him around completely! He began to read incessantly. He learned how to study for himself. He began to reach into the world around him. To this day, his best friends are those he met at SVA.

At college he has earned a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering. He was on the Dean’s List throughout these years and is now working on his Master’s Degree. We attribute his success to YOU! We cannot thank you enough.

Roberta and Terry H, Sonoma

Parents are welcome on school field trips.
A student found a quiet reading spot all to himself.

Throughout my life I have been an average student. I never liked to read and I never studied for anything. This school has taught me to be able to study on my own and has given me the time and confidence to do my work. I have done more reading in one year than in the last 10 years! Doing this has been a big accomplishment for me. I would like to thank every teacher who helped and supported me. Thank you very much.

Eric J, age 17

On behalf of my grandson’s parents and for my wife and myself, I wish to express my thanks and sincere appreciation for the excellence of your and the whole staff’s efforts. I truly think that you righted a ship in distress and pointed our grandson in a direction that hopefully will benefit him for his entire academic life. Your personal concern for him and your cooperation with me will not be forgotten.

Peter D, Sonoma

So many of my friends seem to need someone to tell them how to think and even what to think. I attribute this to my old school’s way of teaching – making the student memorize the data so it can be spit out on a test. I much prefer discussing my lessons with my SVA teachers. I get to think and reason for myself. Isn’t that what knowledge is supposed be about? Thinking equals my ability to reason and survive on my own merits! I wish my friends would come to this school. They need it.

Pete D, age 16

An SVA grandparent had the winning raffle ticket!
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