Middle school students learned some computer programming to tell this little guy what to do!

My whole life I have always hated school! When my parents found this new school for me, I wasn’t happy at all. But after I had been here for a while, I realized this was my dream come true. Here I can move at my own pace. I get to think for myself and go off and reach into other subjects or topics because one thought leads to another that can lead to finding out about something new that I never even knew existed! Now I call that learning AND I was interested!

Wesley H, age 17

This note is in reference to our daughter. After two months at SVA, our daughter said that she actually liked school! We have not heard this for years! Because of your methods of learning, she feels free to ask questions and request help at any time without feeling that there are negative consequences around the corner. She no longer complains about homework and is motivated in a positive manner. SVA has given her a sense of empowerment over her academic life that was not possible before. Thank you so much for providing this incredible environment where she can excel and enjoy the process!

Karen R, San Rafael

Student working on a lesson at the science table.

The best part about SVA is that I care about learning here. The environment is great and the teachers surpass most I’ve crossed. There’s a good selection of what you can do, academic or otherwise. The kids are interested in each other. If one person is gone, we’re all aware of it. There’s no peer pressure or negative games. The teachers that I work with are all very kind and willing to help. For the most part, I don’t request much assistance, but when I do, it’s always there. All in all, I love this school so much more than where I came from. Here I feel safer and cared for by the staff and the other kids.

Hillary B, age 16

I want to take the time to commend SVA for the three years that our son spent there. As a family we are very happy with his academic progress and the nurturing and family-like atmosphere of the school. According to his testing, our son grew academically by as much as six grades in three years. In all his subjects, he has made a grand leap filling in the holes that his elementary education left. Thank you so much!

Kevin G, Sonoma

Students gather around for an English lesson.
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