SVA dancers and rock band perform at an end of year graduation party.

Sonoma Valley Academy was the perfect fit for my son. It is an affordable alternative to other private schools. Unlike other schools, SVA caters to the individual student and the learning style that best meets their needs. The teachers provide a unique learning experience with individual attention that propels each student to reach their educational goals. Moving at a pace that was comfortable for my son, he graduated with confidence and skills to move on to college.

Kim G, Sonoma

There are three main reasons I like this school. For one, everyone is nice even the teachers. These teachers are actually helpful! Another is that each subject or course I take is at my exact learning level; nothing is too easy or too hard. Thirdly, when I first got here, I was taught how to learn. When I got stuck in any subject, I learned how to correct whatever was wrong. I was able to get through the confusion or trouble and make it to an understanding of what I was doing. Now I know how to handle study problems well. I practically don’t need a teacher anymore!

Leigh Y, age 13

My son would not have survived high school if we hadn’t found SVA. He was lost in a large school classroom – daydreaming during class because he was bored and lacked the organizational skills to keep track of assignments, to remember when to study for tests, etc. His grades were failing despite all efforts to support him. School was becoming a nightmare for our entire family. Change was needed.

SVA had a small rock band which appealed to my son, but it was much more than that. SVA offered a small, almost home-school style classroom. The classroom was interactive, personal, and nearly one-on-one. For a very distractible child, this allowed him to learn and flourish. Here he had some schedule flexibility and some independence. He graduated with esteem intact and a desire to learn and continue his education. He claims he learned more in the first half year at SVA than he did during his prior three years of schooling! Thank you SVA staff for all that you do.

Terri R, Sonoma

Every single teacher at SVA provided me with a sense of assurance that I could accomplish anything that I set my mind to do. I was accepted into a fantastic university in Oregon. I graduated and am working in San Francisco as a successful stock broker. My family is proud of the direction that my life has gone; I am too. I owe my accomplishments greatly to my schooling roots at SVA. Initially, I was fearful of attending such a small school. I worried about getting into college and having enough friends – both ungrounded concerns. Now I am honored to say that I was very fortunate to have found just such a school as SVA!

Blake Y, graduate

Student pondering his next move.
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